Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Takhisis: hell, I'm pracically a hemrit
rincemaj: do you have a cave on a mountaintop?
Takhisis: I wish
Takhisis: being a hermit in a 2nd floor apartment just doesn't have the same flair
rincemaj: yeah, the presence of other people IN THE SAME BUILDING kinda detracts
rincemaj: you are a fake hermit
rincemaj: a hermit impersonator ;)
Takhisis: ahh, but I have no interaction with them!
Takhisis: It's easy to have no human contact on a mountaintop, but being surrounded by people and STILL be alone?
Takhisis: I am the META-HERMIT!
rincemaj: extreme hermit: taking hermitage to a!!!!
Takhisis: Hermit Xtremo!
Takhisis: heh, sorry
Takhisis: At one point, on the way to ren faire, J and I stopped to stock up on food and whatnot
Takhisis: I grabbed some Gatorade, and when we got to the car found it was some whacked out marketing campign for a particular culture
Takhisis: the label was 100% in spanish and it was labeled "Gatorade XTREMO!"
rincemaj: question is, how can you be a true hermit with j in the picture?
Takhisis: We're still making cracks about that
rincemaj: lol
Takhisis: well, with his work schedule I barely see him
Takhisis: So I guess I'm a para-meta-hermit
rincemaj: or the quasi-pseudo-meta-hermit
rincemaj: xtremo
Takhisis: I need that on a business card.
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