Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


I'm having a real horror-movie moment sequence with Syberia 2, here.

Well first, I was utterly entranced by the first one.Despite snickering over recognizing some of the voice actors ("Holy shit! It's the ship captain from Longest Journey! Do I have to play a flute while I get the bird? Har har har god I'm a dork")I really enjoyed the puzzles and thought it was well done. I enjoy 3rd person puzzles games more than 1st person, for some reason, so I really liked it, despite short gameplay and a cop-out ending. (Although seeing your character biff it trying to corner at a full sprint is refreshingly realistic.)

The sequel is living up to expectations so far and has had me yammering in frustration at a couple of points, in a good damn-this-puzzle-is-quirky way. But I just ran into a series that had me shrieking like I was at a B-grade horror flick.

My character: *fixes automaton*
Creepy-ass robot horses: *start prancing*
Me: eeeEEEEEgh!
Creepy-ass robot horses: *prance and leer menacingly*
My character: *grins and sops like a complete gimp*
Me: NO! NOOOOOOO! The horses are EVIL! EEEEE-VILE! Can't you SEE it?! Jaysis!

Train whistle: *blows*
My character: WTF? *dash*
Train: *leaves without me*
Me: Oh, you pansy little BITCHES! Your crew is now entirely composed of a half-dead mental retard and a robot whose paranoia makes Kryten look butch! You are SO FUCKED, you morons!

Screeching at a computer screen isn't particularly useful. But I'm learning that damn, is it ever cathartic.
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