Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

*insert bat-over-head sound here*

I just had a very creepy realization, now that I've been messing with for a while.

Back in the middle of April, I got a very strange anonymous comment in my LJ. I have anon comments screened, so I looked at it, went "Spam bot gone haywire, I guess," and went to delete it.


Looked again.

Realized that it was barely coded and said "Time is running out I will die".

The HELL?!

I decided to run an IP search on it to see if one of my friends was screwing with me. I was emailing J. about it at the time. "What the- it resolves to someplace on the edge of Sweden. I don't frigging know anyone there..."

I decided to save it as screened, because it was creepy enough that a good story idea might develop out of it. Then I forgot about it.

Tonight on my way home, my brain just clicked. "Time is running out I will die" "HELP I AM DROWNING" "The boy will die alone".


Coincidence? Or did I get spammed by The Boy? Either way, it's fucking freaky.
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