Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Must. Not. Beat.

I am a reading addict, as most people know.

J. reviewed Paul G. Tremblay's "Compositions for the Young and Old" several months ago and mentioned that he had done a "three chapter trade" for reviewing.

We were talking tonight about horror writing.

"Well yeah, I mean, I've read through Paul's book like four times, and I still-"
"Wait. You have the WHOLE BOOK?"
"And not just the three stories you named before that I already read?"
"Um... yeahhh..."
"Um... you want to read them?"

I imagine trying to give withheld horror fiction to me is rather like trying to toss a raw steak to a werewolf.
RRRRRR! Rrrrrrmmmrrrrr. Hmf. *gnar gnar gnar*
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