Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Ganked from illian

I suppose this explains why I am so obsessed with Any why I'm both a writer and a programmer. And why I can sit down and WRITE things or DO things, but I'm terrible at trying to verbally explain them to people.

Your Brain Usage Profile:

Auditory : 20%
Visual : 80%
Left : 81%
Right : 18%

Mel, you are strongly left-hemisphere dominant and a predominantly visual learner, a unique blend of characteristics! Typical of the left-hemisphere dominant person, you are organized, precise, focused on details and logical. You seek or assign meaning to your experiences as part and parcel of the way that you learn. In general, your approach to life and learning is step-wise and emphasizes the functional and pragmatic rather than the symbolic and abstract. You prefer to place things in existing categories as a way of making them familiar and/or controllable. Combined with this, you are a visual learner. You are active and continuously searching so that you process information rapidly. As a result, you can be constantly organizing and structuring without necessarily needing to verbalize as a way of guiding yourself. You have a unique ability to see what needs doing and to get it done.

The predominance of your visual learning style implies that you tend not to be reflective and may not pick up on auditory cues including your own "inner voice." Frequently you may find that you can "see" where the other person is going before she/he gets there and in this way can be impatient with roundabout language. Overall, you may find yourself driven and distracted. There is a sense of excitement that attends this combination but also a sense of frustration. You can have well-defined goals without the ability to articulate them to yourself, let alone others. You can "see" where you are going but not be able to "tell yourself."
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