Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, the Straight Man!

As a secondary b'day present, J. bought a big ol' monitor off toxico. Actually, I think he coveted it for himself, but there's no way it will fit in his desk. ;) So since his monitor is getting hinky, I took the new one (19") and he took my old one (17") to replace HIS old one (15"). So we got everything finally hooked up and running.

J: "Wow. I never realized what a huge difference two inches makes, until I found out what I was missing!"
Me: "Congratulations! You know know what it's like to be a woman!"
J: "..."
Me: *hee*
J: "You just COULDN'T let that go by, could you? Nooooooo..."
Me: "Oh right, like you expected anything else? From ME?!"

Although it should be noted to anyone who doesn't know me well, I'm quite the opposite of a size queen. But I'm well-known for NEVER being able to pass up a straight line. *grin*
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