Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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I did not get nearly enough sleep last night. As I was getting out of my car at work this morning, I realized I feel like complete butt. (My brain already making the shift to work-appropriate language.) The train of thought caromed merrily down its track unattended as I plodded into the building and headed for the elevators. I feel like more than just butt. Like several layers of butt. Butt with extensions and upgrades and peripherals. Buttskin-Robbins: 32 varietes of butt. New MegaButt with Added Features... So it's understandable that by the time I made the journey all the way upstairs and my coworker asked "How's it going?", blurting out "BUTT WITH KUNG-FU GRIP!" was a perfectly logical reply. Right? I don't think I deserved That Look. At all.
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