Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


So I was going through the Two Lumps logs to see where we've been getting hits lately, and I saw someone's LJ I'd seen on there before. Went to check (since I like to keep tabs on people's comments) and found that the most recent post was a line from my story, "Worn", that's up on

That's a "whoa" moment.

I mean, someone liking it enough to publish it is friggin' amazing.
Other people liking it enough to comment at the site is astounding.
For some reason, someone quoting it offsite is a different level of *blink*. Maybe because I quote other books and stories that I find amazing in my own journal... it's like if someone listed me under "classic literature". A combination of awed honor and "WHAT?!"

Going to sit here and blink and glow now.
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