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So I'm cruising through since I'm feeling rather bludgeoned and giddy, and it's good no-brain-necessary amusement. And I stumbled across this:

Personally, I gave the iguana a 10. That's one hot reptile! ;D

I have an odd rating system on hotornot and probably screw up people's scores, but hey. Right now I'm looking through guys. Everyone starts as a potential 5, which is average.

Lose points for:
- badly posed "I'm such a stud" face shots, usually with the raised chin, pursed lips, etc.
- shirtless posed "I'm such a stud" full-body shots
- backwards baseball caps, jeans over 4 sizes too large, those floopy "white suburban gangsta" knit caps, or basically any ourfit that makes you look like a member of the Icy Hot Stuntaz
- photo is of you and your ex-GF with her face crudely blanked out
- looking homicidally pissed off or doing the "psycho stalker stare"
- flexing in any serious manner
- setting your webcam low enough that I can see up your nose

Gain points for:
- eyes that seem to bespeak intelligence and/or a sense of humor
- a photo of you genuinely laughing
- a photo of you being silly, having fun, or generally not taking yourself seriously.
- looking natural
- geekiness
- classy goth-ness
- unique hair / piercings / etc.

I realize that most of the time I'm looking for things that convey a bit of the personality, either the body language or way they choose to present themselves. Which means I'm trying to judge how hot their personality is. That's probably wrong, but unfortunately, that's what I find most attractive or repellent in people. The last three on my "plus" list are pretty physical judgements, but I tend to take those as signs of "this person likes being himself more than he gives a shit about making sure he gets a high rating." I admire that.

Edit: As an example, I gave this a 10. The location of the picture, the "Lord, what I am I doing?" expression, the random knife... I laughed my ass off. I love it. I was going to post some examples of 1's, but that'd just be uselessly mean. Not to mention there's a damned horde of them.
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