Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

*mi mi mi*

Inspired by the most recent battling with revamping the Latin America corporate sites...

It won't be easy, you'll think it strange
When I try to explain our new needs
That I still need updates after all that's been done

You won't believe me
All you will see is a girl from afar
Although she's got corporate behind her
Scrapping your dancing toolbar

I had to make it happen, the site has to change
Couldn't last in this market, filled with cheese
Blinded by flashing windows, bad scripts trying to run

So I chose compliance
Running around, making everything par
Your threats don't impress me at all
Your current design is too marred


Don't bitch at me, Argentina!
The truth is, I never liked you
All through my work days
My mad existence
I kept requirements
Just keep your distance

And as for guidelines, and as for "feel"
I never created the things
Though it seems to the world they are all I desire

They are restrictive
They are not dancing icons that you want to see
But the rules were here all the time
I'm fed up with you, and you me

Don't bitch at me, Argentina!


Have I said too much?
There's nothing more I can think of to say to you.
But all you have to do is email me to know
That every word is true
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