June 29th, 2010


(no subject)

Power back on.
Internet still out.
Zombies still fictional.
3G network still erasing/garbling phone posts if I take longer than 2 minutes to write or spellcheck.
Rage still palpable.
More later.

Oh, Mondays.

So yeah. Now that I'm somewhere that the internet is not either dead or spontaneously hiccuping to either randomly start c&p'ing bits of words and sentences into one another, or erase everything entirely... (I still blame zombies)

What had me in a white-hot rage last night: the power went out, and so I called TXU, our power company. They, unfortunately, told me to call Oncor, the power PROVIDER, and gave me their number.

When I called said number, I get a recorded message from Oncor saying that they have changed their customer service number, but they'll be happy to connect me to the new one. For TEN DOLLARS. And the recording DOESN'T TELL YOU WHAT THE NEW NUMBER IS. So even after this spring's hideous snowstorm PR fiasco, their new level of customer service is "fuck off and sleep in the street try to look up a hidden number in the phone book in the dark, suckers! Ha ha ha!"

It takes an awful lot to make me lose my temper, but last night I was FROTHING. And then, when I tried to post to vent about it, 3G decided to start having the previously stated hairball spasms. That's when I threw up my hands and said "YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK IT. ZOMBIES."