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grinding · of · gears

June 28th, 2010

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So after the fucknttery of this spring (where they left us,our pets [which killed a fish] and potentially a child without heat in a week of foot-high-plus snow, which we found out we spent 3 extra days frozen because oncor decided any houses reporting tickets in that area were expired, and it took j literally throwing himself in front of an oncor truck befor they would take a look and realize our meter was fried...

We gave them the benefit of the doubt. When you ave 200k+ stranded in a freak storm, you have othr priorities.

Tonght someone hit a pole near us & knocked out power. Called txu, they said call oncor, here is their #.

I call the #.

Umber has beenchamgef. Sin e youare o na cell pho e (since your home phone is like everthonwcelse wireless), clck here to

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Ignore last part of prvs txt, infiltrators abound, not yt 4 am. Hold tight, waiting on resumed mass communication, no zombies sighted yet. Hold position, avoid provoking j who wants to shoot neighbors. Normal communique resumes with resumption of srvc or z-day + 12 hrs. Synchronize, guest room prepped.
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Ok, zombies averted, stand down. But still massive rage @ oncor, stand by for this
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